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Finding Your Own "G" Spot

Use the experience of serving and tasting wine to explore what makes you happy. Using love languages and other methods we explore how taking a moment to enjoy wine can be about self-pleasure, how do you take to yourself, treat yourself, and serve yourself? Learn about wine and maybe something new about you.

Our passion is quality of life. While the titles of our experiences might seem frivolous, we use wine and winemaking as a vehicle to explore your better self. 


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Care & Maintenance of your Virginity

We explore wine and its characteristics as a way of talking about being open to new things and experiences. Explore new wines and learn about your adaptability and openness. 

Wine Tantra

Learn about how intention and energy influence winemaking while, in partners or singles, we explore how serving and enjoying wine can be a mindful experience. It is like foreplay for your soul.