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We do events in the spaces that carry our wines


We do videos, posts, and live events such as wine and flavored lube pairing, wine jams (dramatic reading of the labels set to live music), and how to pair wine with the personalities of your friends – if they have personalities.

Carry our wines, and we will be touring your space too!

There is not enough wine in the universe to sit through a “normal” wine tasting with experts talking to you as if you were another expert.

What's one of your best experiences enjoying wine?

Who do you like to share wine with the most? Why?



Our live events are for having a good time. You might learn something, but you will be richer for it either way.

Other than our home city of Barcelona, Spain, we tour Europe and the US doing events with partner restaurants, hotels, and other spaces. 

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Untoxicating with
The Naked Bartender &
The Naked Sommelier

The Naked Bartender and The Naked Sommelier host an evening of making wine cocktails and life lessons.

Rosé Mezcal – with M!lo’s ALTEREGO Rosé.

We used the cocktails and the process of making them to explore what toxicity is and how to disentangle ourselves from it to live our best lives. We learned that self-awareness, honest appraisal of our life without judgment or shame, was key.

Everyone left a little more untoxicated (while perhaps mildly intoxicated).

Many times “toxic” is simply something good taken too far, becoming abusive. It’s relationships with people, activities, or things without proper boundaries.

Fun was had & best lives were lived!!!

The Naked Bartender

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