We are launching our own series of wine:

  • M!lo’s ID (a barrel-aged Syrah/Grenache blend)
  • M!lo’s EGO (a white wine, coming soon)
  • M!lo’s SUPEREGO (a smooth cava aged 2 years in the bottle – cava is normally 9 months) 
  • M!lo’s ALTEREGO (a lovely rose in the provence style – coming soon)
M!lo's ID Bottle SM


Intuition, passion, lust, & uncontrolled giggling, this is the deep self. Our blend of Syrah & Grenache, barrel-aged, has both a serious complexity and whimsical playfulness. The range of personality means you can go glamorous with it or take it home to the parents. It pairs well with first dates, long talks with friends, as well as cheese and flavorful food.


Awareness, vision, self-reflection, a synthesis of past and future, here and beyond, this is the awakening self. This white Grenache has been meditating in its lees (the flotsam and jetsam of its past life as a grape) for a few months and is now clarified and ready to take on the world. Its presence and vibrancy reveal its clarity of purpose. A fabulous wine which pairs well with good views, hope, and like-minded souls who want to live and love to the fullest.

M!lo's SUPEREGO Bottle SM


Ambition, dreams of the future, effortlessly curated glam, with a hero’s cape or a Carnival mask, this is the ideal self. Its favorite color is sparkly. This cava has been patiently aging for two years in the bottle, growing finer, more elegant, and smoother by the day.  Only when it is truly ready does it emerge from it’s cave into the soft and telling light of dusk. It might be a tad judgy, but it means well. It calls us to a higher form of connection, pairing well with Cinderellas, the journey of butterflies, and the sparkle in a lover’s eye.